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Division I special types of training the successful conclusion of

To further enhance the full operation of the workers' skills and safety production management capabilities, our company launched a two-week special types of training. 76 electricians and welders serious about learning the theory and practical operation of programs.
January 6, all the students participated in the exam, learning to good effect, full passed the exam. After a 14-day study, participants, followed by professional teachers to learn the practical operation ability has been greatly improved, and hope to continue to carry out special training to further enhance the security management capabilities. Through the training and learning, and strengthen the concept of security of the students, to improve the safety awareness to enhance the security level of production to ensure safety in production, enhance production safety prevention capability, and laid a solid foundation for the future work of production safety.
Special types of personnel in the positions of the various production plays a very important role in the production process, or to ensure product quality and ensure safety in production, they have a pivotal role. Our company attaches great importance to the training of personnel, all-round implementation of pre-service training, training of group leaders, executives and high-level safety training, in 2012, the organization of training 4,000 people, for the safety escort. 

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