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Wide Green Technology singing and dancing to celebrate the 2013

The wide green on the first floor was filled with joyful atmosphere in the evening of December 31, 2013 New Year's Day New Year Association held in administrative Restaurant. Wide Xinsheng special chairman and Kuang Ching Lin Xia Miao, Chairman Jerry Group Vice President and wide green general manager of Cong Zhen, Guang-Xin Sheng party secretary, the discipline committee Wide Green Technology Director Wong Kwai domain and other members of the team as well as the wide Xinsheng special and the wide green above the middle level cadres more than 120 people gathered and exchanged New year's blessing, talked about the future, then a total of a better future, celebrate 2013's arrival.
The Linxia seedlings Chairman gave a warm speech, her first wish you Happy New Year, good health, family happiness and good luck colleagues. Has been hard work and sweat to pay for the work of the wide green staff to extend festive greetings and good wishes, and expressed heartfelt thanks to their contribution to the construction and development of a wide green.
The Fellowship Program colorful, fascinating. There are dance, comedy, chorus, solo, and so on. The white Formica Lin Xia Miao, Chairman and rich handsome "He Cong Zhen, general manager of the joint concert" prayer "opened the curtain of the Association. "Aerobics" with its youthful melody, light dance of the wide green technology fueled the enthusiasm of the audience's heart, to show the vitality and passion of the staff of the Division I; wide green technology can bring dance "Jiangnan style, hot dance the atmosphere of the scene again and again to a climax. Guang-Xin Sheng Special sang the song "" familiar to the audience to sing together, sing proud of in 2012, singing in 2013 look forward to cheering for us today. The most exciting program also interspersed lucky draw and the audience game interactive sessions, exciting, constantly surprises.
In the evening, singing and dancing, wine blessing, which lasted nearly two hours, in the light and inspirational chorus "better tomorrow" the fraternity slowly came to an end, sweet voice to convey Sheng special and wide green life hot and the pursuit of a better.

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