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Safety supervision team to visit the century Castle Peak pre-holiday safety check

WASHINGTON Yang Chengzhi reports: In the afternoon of January 28, 2013, Hi-tech Zone, deputy director Chen Yong, the 12-member delegation to visit the Administration Secretary of Zeng Zhaosong and safety supervision personnel century Castle Peak security checks before the holiday.

        Century Castle Peak assistant general manager Grades standard and HSE department warmly received his safety supervision group, accompanied in the plant safety supervision group safety inspection. In the process of the plant to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection, Chen Yong Division I in the gas area places the creation of online detection equipment to enhance the details of the management, intensify inspections, but also attach importance to the security check, not in the festival has been lax. His safety supervision group also conveyed the Provincial Security Committee "emergency notice" on strengthening the production safety work during the holiday season, Century Castle Peak in doing security checks but also to strengthen the deployment of production safety work before and after the Spring Festival to ensure that the majority of employees spend a peaceful, happy and auspicious Spring Festival.


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