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Yangjiang of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation Power Supply Bureau leadership of his party to the Division I research

January 10, Yangjiang Power Supply Bureau deputy party secretary of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation, Secretary Wang Suifeng, party secretary, deputy director of Jinbo and his party into the refining workshop Division I, Division I research the electricity. Wang Juchang results achieved during the year 2012 by the Division I fully affirmed.

In the Division I deputy general manager Wuchong Hua, Wu Yanjun, deputy general manager of the century Castle Peak leadership team, accompanied by Wang Juchang and his entourage visited the Century Castle Peak in the control room and the Division I refining workshop and learn more about the company's development planning and load forecasting, as well as the company's supply network operating conditions.

In the subsequent forum, the chairman of the Division I Linxia seedlings, Ho Cong Zhen, general manager of power supply bureau of Yangjiang two years, the strong support of the Division I thanked. To the guests on the situation of the country's steel industry, the Division I production and electricity consumption, as well as energy saving, the use of waste heat power generation. The Secretary Wang Suifeng supply will fully obey the overall situation of service in the city's economic and social development, increase the supply infrastructure construction, improve the capacity of power supply to provide a strong power protection for the Division I, should be made ​​to promote local economic development contributions.

It is understood that the power supply bureau of Yangjiang carry out the "two guarantees three-Paul economic development, security growth in electricity demand; enterprises, into the community, into the rural activities, to connect with businesses and users, enhance the level of electricity services. Our company as the first major of the electricity of Yangjiang City, with the power system has maintained good relations of cooperation, Through this research, the power system production requirements for Division I, vigorously carry out technical advice and services to help our economic growth.

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