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More than 80 women leaders, entrepreneurs into the wide Green Technology

December 25, Yangjiang Female Cadres Association and the Association of Women Entrepreneurs delegation to visit the high-tech enterprises in the zone to visit. 80 players made ​​a special trip to the Division I visit with the Division I Ho Cong Zhen, general manager, deputy general manager Wuchong Hua leadership team to talk about economic development, seek common development plan. The event opened Yangjiang City to promote cooperation between government and enterprises, implementation of a new chapter in the 48 spirit.

On the afternoon of the same day, in Yangjiang City Committee Chairman Weili Kun, Huang Yun, vice chairman of City with women leaders, led the delegation visited our refining plant. He Cong, said general manager side led the delegation to visit the production line and plant Avenue, while the detailed description of the company's production technology, personnel training, production safety and energy-saving and environmental protection aspects. Talk about economic development in Yangjiang, to discuss about development and delegation exchanges. After a visit to the exchange, the delegation development in all aspects of the Division I have a better understanding on the Division I since its inception the achievements gave full recognition.

        The Weili Kun Chairman pointed out that the event aims to further strengthen the social exchange of Yangjiang Female Cadres and female entrepreneurs, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of Yangjiang Female Cadres and women entrepreneurs to participate in the construction of "five in one", and hope that they will be able to Division I as an example, to learn good experience to 18 spirit as a driving force to promote the development, to do well in their respective positions.


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