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The wide green convened ERP project on-line mobilization

The the wide Green Technology ERP project on-line soon, to ensure successful on-line system, December 27, Canton Green Technology was held in the conference room on the third floor of the R & D center to mobilize the ERP project on-line, comprehensive layout of the work, on-line heating and encouraging. Project Director Lin Xia Miao, the UF implementation of the project director Wang Tao, Ho Cong Zhen, project group leader and the deputy head of group, project team members, more than 80 people attended the meeting.
At the meeting, the two sides project leader summarizes the preliminary work done on the project, and on-line to do a detailed description and to do a comprehensive layout. ERP project on the line, the system management applications Advanced to (logistics, capital flow, information flow) supply chain, financial management, manufacturing integrated application for enterprises to provide a variety of analysis reports as a basis for decision making, enhance the overall management level and industry competitiveness, enterprise information integration and application platform.
The Linxia seedlings Chairman delivered a mobilization speech, she pointed out: after the running of the system on-line, our management ideas, management practices and corporate culture, how and advanced management techniques ERP perfect combination, also need to be constantly running, and constantly adapt. Beginning may be facing some difficulties, we inevitably the operation are not used to, do not understand the production process. So we need to pay more hard work, ERP also need to work constantly to improve and enhance. The face of difficulties, we have enough confidence to continue to overcome the difficulties, the difficulties. She firmly believes that the project team will be able to overcome numerous difficulties to adapt quickly to the operation of the system, the successful use of ERP systems.
The ERP system on the line for our company's information construction of epoch-making significance, it marks the use of information technology to bring qualitative leap will give our company, our company will enter a new stage of development.

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