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The of Zhuhai Hengqin Union executive director Lin has a row to the Division I visited

December 24, the Zhuhai Hengqin Union executive director Lin began his party to Yangjiang High-tech Zone to study the investment environment, accompanied by Hi-tech Zone, deputy director Feng Shui strong leadership to the Division I visit. Division I modern workshops and advanced production technology to the delegation left a deep impression.
During the inspection tour, the delegation first visited the Division I ferronickel in the control room, the person in charge of the project of the Division I scene detailed description of the production technology, production processes, sales market and development prospects of the company. The delegation fully affirmed the achievements made in Division I since the plant two years, the development prospects of our company, the construction speed, the modernization of the plant to give a high evaluation. They said unto me in our learning, good experiences and practices go back to hengqin further development hengqin economic.
Division I Project Leader: to New District is the right choice, since its inception, has been the strong support of all levels of government, high-tech zones sincere to provide investors with an excellent environment, preferential policies, quality of service, so that every investor can in this home ownership. We welcome the Zhuhai Hengqin Union to investment in high-tech zones, common efforts for the economic development of high-tech zones.

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